“What do you mean, you sold it???”

So I recently took delivery of the Dodge Ram 2500 that I had ordered.

Now, having a new truck, I had no need of my old truck, a 14 year old Dodge diesel 2500.

As the old truck had a bit of rust over the rear wheel wells, the dealer really wasn’t interested in it, and, rather than make a crap offer, suggested that I sell it myself. They even did a valuation on it to give me an idea of a fair selling price.

So, I put a sign on the truck and placed it at the end of the driveway. Had several folks stop and look at it in the first week, but no one came ad threw cash at me, so I put it on craigslist on Friday afternoon.

Now, Thursday, a guy had stopped by with his wife (who disapproved) and looked at it, had taken it for a drive, and had even talked a bit about price. Said he’d call me in the morning. Except that I never heard from him, which was why I placed the truck on Craiglist.

I got the usual lowball offers via email, at least 2 scammers, and one guy came and looked at it…all before noon. This guy appeared serious, looked closely at the truck, drove it, crawled underneath it, etc. Asked all the right questions. Told me he’d call me Sunday. Which he did. He then told me he’d take it, and we arranged a time for him to come and pick it up, which happened on Sunday afternoon. Cash on the barrelhead….

Monday, the guy who looked at it THURSDAY BEFORE called and said he had decided to buy my truck.

“Sorry, dude, I sold it on Sunday”


“Sold it on Sunday. Guy from Craigslist looked at it and bought it”.

“But I went to the Bank and got money and all”.

“You never called me”.

“I meant to, but I got busy”

“You never told me you wanted it….You were supposed to call on Friday morning. I told you I was gonna put it on Craigslist on Friday….Today is Monday. I sold it Sunday.”

“Yeah, but I got busy”….”and I had to go out of town on Saturday”.

“Dude, the Truck. Is. Sold.”


“You. Never .Called……I. Sold. The. Truck……If you wanted it, you should have called and made an arrangement…. not waited 4 days.

“But….I wanted it!”

“Sorry bro, you snooze, you lose. If you wanted it, you should have made it plain. Put down a deposit…..”


“Gotta go, bro, good luck next time”.

And I hung up, shaking my head. 

4 thoughts on ““What do you mean, you sold it???”

  1. Just curious, what is the scam involved with selling a truck on Craigslist?

  2. The scam is that they want to give you a check for like $5 large more than the price, and you give them the truck and a check for 3 or 4 large and you get an extra $1K for your trouble……….then their check is bad. Sometimes it is even a forged cashiers check. There are other variations, but they all involve the seller being greedy….

    In God we trust, all others pay cash.

  3. Cummins turbo? I might have bought it. I used to build those back in '87-'88. Good motor indeed.

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