Had an interesting conversation Monday at the range….

[I was sighting in and function testing a new Henry Survival Rifle for the new truck (space in the truck just isn’t there for the folding stock AK I had in the old truck). The rifle shot well, 2 of the three magazines worked, one will be replaced….not a fan of the peep sight, but it is very functional and works for what it is supposed to do. 100 rounds, zero ammo related issues. In fact, the ONLY issue was the one magazine, which won’t lock into the receiver properly and falls out after one shot. Watch this space, later, there might be a range report if I don’t get too lazy…]

Was packing up when a member I recognize but do not know arrived. He was on his phone pontificating to someone that “Healthcare is a Constitutional right”.

Couldn’t resist….

I waited until he got off the phone and asked him if he had ever, you know, READ the Constitution.

Turns out he hadn’t….At least he admitted that.

I asked him how he could claim that Health Care was a right enumerated in the Constitution if he, himself, had no real knowledge of the aforementioned Constitution.

He mumbled…..Ended up saying he had misspoke, and what he meant was it was a “Human Right” and that we should all pay to help others who were less fortunate than we.

I asked him how many he was helping?

He wanted to know what I meant?

“I mean, bro, you are driving a BMW…that is what, a $80,000 car? How much “Basic Health Care” would that buy?” ….”And that nice (and it WAS nice) Python there? How much would that buy?” (it was mint, and nice. Likely a full Colt Custom item. Perfect Colt Blue…).

“Why don’t you start, before you want everyone else to pay for your little Socialist experiment…..?”

He asked what I meant.

“Why don’t you live in a very small home, sell your big one. Why don’t you drive a small car, maybe a Corolla rather than that big honkin’ Beemer. Live at or close to the Poverty line…..Take that money, along with what you get when you sell your firearms, your house, and your cars, and use THAT cash to show the rest of us the way it oughta be before you start saying that Health Care is a right to be paid for by others? …..Show Me The Way…?  Or is it that you are just a Socialist with Other People’s Money?  How many people’s healthcare insurance have YOU paid for this year? “

He packed up and left.

I didn’t feel sorry. 

One thought on “Socialists:

  1. That's the problem with socialism and communism; as long as EVERYONE WORKS and EVERYONE puts EVERYTHING into the pot to be divided EQUALLY, the systems work. As soon as ONE PERSON keeps a "little extra" for him/herself; as soon as ONE PERSON realizes he/she can quit working and still demand from the pot, it's all over. And it usually takes; what; one or two days into the execution of socialism/communism for that to happen…

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