If Comey was asked to stop an investigation, effectively to Obstruct Justice…..Wasn’t he required to report this?

I mean, he was asked to break the law, according to reports. By the President. Which, according the the DNC  MSM was illegal enough to get Trump impeached.

But Comey chose not to report it. Which would them seem to me that he either didn’t think it was important enough to do anything about, or he was willing to conceal the fact that the President had effectively asked him to conspire to break the law…..Obstructing justice by failing to report the illegal actions he now claims happened.

Isn’t an officer of the law (and this includes FBI agents) required to report any such actions? Isn’t failure to report such actions a violation of their oath and in fact, illegal? I am told this is true by folks who work for the FBI.

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  1. A question for your question: assuming all the above actually happened, to whom would Comey report this?

  2. Assuming the story is true, I would think that the leaders of the Senate and House?

    I honestly don't know. Who would impeach the President? I'd think one would start there.

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