5 thoughts on “Indeed

  1. I disagree with the denigrating comments about President Trump. He's different from a career ass kisser, but that doesn't make him "shallow." However, I do agree with the writers assessment of the current political climate. I had great hopes when the President was elected, but I should have known what would happen.

  2. My wife's friends are/were Trump supporters. During the campaign, when I questioned Trump's behavior they would answer me with, "Oh once he gets elected he'll change". So far he hasn't.

    I was reading on another web site about Trumps behavior. They were discussing how his reactions to situations involving him are a sign of a mental condition. When something good happens to him, he explains it as one of the most remarkable events that anyone could imagine. As an example, the website talked about how Trump announced he had the most electoral votes of any Republican, even though it was less than G. W. Bush.
    And when something bad happens, it is the most catastrophic event in history. Case in point, his claims of the media witch hunt being the worst event ever suffered by a president. Lincoln was shot in the head, FDR endured WWII, Carter had the hostages in Iran, Reagan had Iran-Contra. There seems to be no middle ground.

    The mentality of Trump is what worries me the most. I feel His unpredictable actions are shaking up an already unstable world. I pray for the future of my children and grandchildren.


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