Enough, already!

Scott Pelley just can’t stop using the word “Russian” every time he refers to Trump.

At this point, his credibility is beyond repair.

He has noting to point at to LINK Trump to anything Russian, But he can’t (or won’t) stop using “Russian” in the same sentence. Perhaps this is an attempt to link Trump and “Russians”  in his viewers minds?

Look: I am all for finding out if, as is implied, Trump was under the pay of, or was somehow aided by, the “Russians”. Perhaps he really is Putin’s lapdog. But this continued innuendo, without accusation and without proof is becoming pedantic, and frankly, irritating….and childish.

For many years the MSM has had little credibility with me,  But they don’t have to renew my reasons for doubt daily…. I get the fact that they HATE Trump and they will do anything to delegitimize him as President. But at some point, they have to just stop.

The Left is going NUTS about this alleged Russian thing. The Left (and the Hillary campaign) made it up and the Loretta Lynch’s “Justice” department believed them and then the Press ran with it….

3 thoughts on “Enough, already!

  1. Indeed; if there IS evidence of "collusion," PRESENT IT. If not, SHUT THE HELL UP! This thing has been rolling around longer than a hot dog at a 7-11, and is equally stale and inedible.

    NEWS FLASH, MSM; "Russia" is not the Soviet Union boogeyman of the Cold War days. It's a dreary, economically depressed, 2nd World country; a mere shadow of its dreary, economically depressed former self. You're giving it more credit than it deserves! China, on the other hand…

  2. As Rush said in one of his broadcasts not long ago, there's been plenty of hot air , but no evidence, of any wrong doing by the Trump team and the Russians. On the other hand, Rice "unmasking" people illegally does not seem to attract the attention of the media at all.

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