SO I need to stock the new truck, I got nearly everything I need, but I DO need to find a decent, compact REAL First Aid kit. Something that I can use to treat major stuff, not Band-Aids, and asprins.  I’m talking first aid at an accident or the like….

If I could find one, I’d get something like the kit I got when I took AD‘s Gunshot Wound class.

Anyone got any suggestions? I can indeed make my own, but it’ll be expensive and I would have to buy a lot of stuff that I then would never use (can’t buy chest seals by the “each”, ferinstance)…..Plus there is the hassle of finding a decent small pack to put it all in.

So does anyone have any suggestions for an already put together kit?

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  1. chest seals can be bought per each on amazon, but any plastic will do. all you really need after that is gauze bandages, tourniquet,and heavy duty tape which can all be improvised from stuff you have around. toss in a blanket or poncho, fire extinguisher and flares you're done. the actual chance of running up on an accident where you/your gear would be useful are nearly zero and don't warrant buying a full on kit. jm2c.

  2. Quick Clot trauma kit. Israeli bandage. Tourniquet. All readly available on Amazon. And whatever else you might want. I have a 10X10X3 cordura moly velcro tear off bag that is attached to my larger knapsack for bug out and survival purposes, along with a bivvy sack, poncho, ground tarp, para cord, tarp clips,SOLAS food rations designed for an at sea survival kit. Extra socks, gloves, mini butane stove cup for heating water, Life straw, and a bunch of little stuff… and a surplus camo jacket, and wool cap. I got too much time on my hands.

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