So the French

Begin their elections today (Don’t fully understand their method, but it apparently takes some time).

And reports are that the “Far Right” is expected to do well…


The current bunch welcomed a bunch of Muslims with no vetting at all into the country.

And like in any group of people, there were good ones and bad ones.

You never hear about the good ones, of course. They just quietly go about their lives. Most refugees are decent…

But the bad ones take a terrible toll. And yes, there are a bunch of bad ones in the “Refugees” that are making their way throughout western Europe…..welcomed by (among others) the French government. And the French are noticing that their crime rate is climbing, and it is nearly all Muslims doing it.

And people are surprised that LePen and others are gonna do well? 

One thought on “So the French

  1. If Le Pen wins , there's hope for France. If the same old party hacks retain power, they're going to be as done for as we would have been if Hillary had been elected.

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