Self justified derangement

See, it isn’t the fact that so many have Trump Derangement Syndrome, it is the fact that Trump is just so terrible..

Or something.

It isn’t the fact that so many can’t be objective in their assessment of Trump’s actions (Nor could they be objective in their assessment of the actions of The Light Bringer Barry Soetoro (See also, a Nobel Prize for….doing nothing)….It is on fact the terrible things Trump might someday do when he gets a chance…..

Or something like that.

It isn’t the fact that, while conservatives feared Barry Soetoro’s wish to “Fundamentally Change America”, we all sat there and waited for him to make the attempt and then fought him every step of the way, rather than gnashing our teeth and crying and having to take our anxiety meds and have Drum Circles and Two Minute Hates Support Groups and such…..We dealt with things as they came, in a logical and realistic manner rather than stress out over our imagined fears that we projected onto a powerful leader not of our philosophy.

It’s not because their revered Obama didn’t have gaffes and miscues and mistakes in his first few months in office (and later)…..

No, it is, in this article, just because Trump is who he is. 
And that, my friends, is all the justification that these folks need to have Trump Derangement Syndrome… spades