Sadly, not an April Fool joke

Democrats want to keep ICE from arresting people in “Sensitive” locations.

Church, schools, DMV, etc.

“Members of our community deserve to feel safe and to be safe when they are accessing justice, when they are seeking education or healthcare or when they are practicing their faith,” she said.”

No, if they want that, then they shouldn’t come here illegally. But that is just me, you know, a law abiding citizen. Son and grandson of immigrants. I’m odd about these things. 

5 thoughts on “Sadly, not an April Fool joke

  1. One entire side of my family came through Ellis island.
    What part of illegal do these stupid bastards not understand?

  2. Both my parents came thru Ellis Island. There was no free stuff then. The had to have a sponsor that would support them if they could not find a job. My dad was an engineer and could only find work as a busboy in a cafeteria.

    I have no sympathy for illegals. Wait your turn,

  3. I saw something on the news about a judge tipping off the illegals that an ICE raid was about to happen in their neighborhood. Strange times, these.

  4. Where do I get to hide if I screw up and commit a crime? Oh, wait, these people have already committed their crimes simply by entering this country ILLEGALLY. I think I need an aspirin, these idiots give me a headache.

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