Was firing Tomahawk missiles indiscriminately at the airport in Syria really the best way to remove the threat of further attacks of Sarin gas on the population? How about those folks who live downwind of the airport? Were they safe? I’m asking ’cause I don’t know.

If the gas was even there…

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  1. from what I have found on a number of other sites…
    the chemical weapons storage facility is about 11 miles from this airport…which is military only, no civilian aircraft or flights there…
    the aircraft, a Russian made su-24 flogger, which is believed to have delivered the chemical weapon(s) took off from this airfield, and was tracked by nato radar…the timing of the aircraft over flight, and the start of the chemical attack is coincidence here.
    this airfield is a secondary field, but is a major conduit in the iran-humas/hezbala supply line.

    of course, my info may be suspect, so do your own due dilligance and investigate for yourself

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