One wonders how the police officers

Were able to leave the plane unharmed.

Officers beat man unconscious and drag him off plane in bloody mess. 

One would think, in a post 9-11 world, that the attacking officers would be beaten by passengers. One wonders why this did not occur.

I see several things:

1. The officer doing the beating should be sued…no “professional immunity”.

2. The officers that were with him, who stood by and did nothing, should be fired for failing to stop a crime in progress….specifically battery and/or assault.

3. Once I am issued a boarding pass and seated. That is my seat. You can deny me a boarding pass and therefore a seat, and rebook me on another flight…but once I am seated, the contract (ticket) is in force. (yeah I know, Obeying the “legal orders of a flight crew”…but that is valid only once the airplane has left the terminal, so not valid here) United owes this guy BIG compensation for their actions. If not forthcoming voluntarily, then through the court system.

But, again, why did the passengers allow some guy with a badge to beat a man unconscious for refusing to vacate a seat he had paid for and been assigned? Why was the man with a badge not stopped…with force, if necessary? There were plenty of passengers who could have, at least, blocked the aisles and called for State police or other law enforcement.

Allowing such behavior, cop or not, is wrong. 

5 thoughts on “One wonders how the police officers

  1. Why did they let some guy beat a man unconscious? Because they didn't want to be beaten unconscious either. Neither did they want to be thrown off the plane. They did better; they FILMED the brutality. By the time this is over, the men with the badges will be on welfare, if not in jail, and the guy they beat unconscious will have his own plane…

    This whole country is coming apart…

  2. The Chinese guy had an interesting history. He was formerly a doctor, but lost his license when it was found he was writing opiate prescriptions in exchange for "sexual favors." He is apparently in and out of psychiatric clinics. At one point in my life I had to deal with individuals who had mental health issues, in a security environment, and it was horrible. Makes me wonder if there's more to the tale than is being promulgated. I don't know, I just think that's probably the case.

  3. why didn't anybody stop the cops? because refusal to comply to their edicts can be, and often is, fatal. a-thori-tie don't you know. thugs….harry, from the multitude of vids i saw, the passenger was doing nothing more than questioning and then refusing to give up his seat. exactly what i might have done in that situation. past history is past history. if that made a person guilty of something, nobody would ever get out of jail. the judge isn't even going to let it into court anyway. the guy should be thanking united though, he's gonna be rich. i might would take a butt kicking for say…10 million.

  4. It's what you don't see in the videos I wonder about. Psychiatric cases can be master manipulators. I once stood in a door way with my hands behind my back while a "10-13" pummeled my chest. When he hit me in the face, myself and another security person had to put him down on the floor, on his face.He could easily have hurt one of the nurses. But, if someone had shown just the video of him being subdued, it would have looked bad. I don't know what happened with this guy on the plane, but I ask myself if any normal human being would have instigated something this bizarre over a seat on a plane?

  5. Harry:

    I would have made the same choice as the good Doctor, and I am as sane as most people I know….He was seated and they told him he had to give up a seat he had paid for. Not denied boarding, being tossed just because some pilot or stewardess wanted his seat.

    The only difference is that I would have fought the Airport Security dude. He'd have taken home a bruise at least as big as the one he gave me.

    Not sure where you get this that the Doctor was psycho. He wasn't. Never has been, AFAIK. He did get in trouble with the AMA, but that is it.

    But yes, videos's can be misleading. But in this case, not. eyewitness accounts say the same thing, he was ordered out of his seat so a flight crew member of another airline could take it and he refused. Didn't fight back, but got beaten by the cop.

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