Maybe I will go….

Nah, the Secret Service will likely make me take off my gun(s) and knives and other pocket implements of destruction and mayhem. I hate that.

I dunno. I mean, “Victim Disarmament Zone”. I tend to avoid those. I have known 3 Secret Service Agents in my life. One I respect greatly (talking about you, Lee). The other two were Polish and Irish Drunks, with the IQ of a bar piano in a whorehouse…..and that might be insulting the piano.
(In case you didn’t get it, I don’t trust the SS very much…..Certainly not with MY personal security) …plus there is the To and From the event where I would be disarmed….in Atlanta. 

3 thoughts on “Maybe I will go….

  1. You're right.
    The SS will not let anyone armed near the President who's not on their protection team. Even police can't be armed if they're not working security.
    That's so if something happens, they know who to shoot. If you display a weapon and they don't know you, guess what?
    I've known quite a few SS agents, and while some were outstanding and some were much less so, I've never known one who was a drunk.
    Since I retired before the last administration took office, I don't know how far down the competence level has fallen, but it's not very encouraging.

  2. These were folks who were working for the SS during at least the first term of Barry the O.

    I stand by my characterization….the Polack and the Irishman were both well lubricated much of the time. I got 'em tossed off of the range that I am a member of because they were shooting with alchohol on their breath. Turns out they were pulled over on their way home…blew a .18 and yet passed the field sobriety test. Functional drunks. And they were SS agents (and then retired agents, go figure).

    The other guy, Lee, I'd trust implicitly. Great dude, just recently retired. A stand up guy, a real badass, and the nicest person you'll ever meet.

    So the Secret Service, (with a small sample, I admit) is running about 33% in my book.


    your reasoning makes sense as to why they disarm folks…I don't blame 'em, they like to control the area and the situation….I get it. I wasn't complaining, only pointing out that I would have to disarm to see TheDonald. Still, however, a Victim Disarmament Zone.

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