One thought on “Ayup

  1. Very well written article, and, unfortunately, very true. It is disheartening to say the least that the Republicans won't lead aggressively. The Clintons should be in jail. In 2020, they will be pointing back at the "fake" attacks on Hillary and how they died off after the elections. The Republicans take the high road, but you can't do that when dealing with people of low moral values. The Democrats don't appreciate anything done for them, they use it as a weapon if it can be twisted to such use. The liberal media helps twist facts and make up what can't be twisted. The Republicans have already lost a lot of their support just through their bickering and other nonsense. I would have pulled the nuclear option on supreme court at the end of the first week of the nomination. Not dragged it out for weeks on end. The democrats invented that option, much to my disgust. It should be used as a baseball bat to beat them with at every turn. Try and drive home the reason the rule change was bad. I do wish the party would grow a spine. I would be extremely happy if they would prosecute the Clinton's for their many crimes. I find it dreadful that Chelsea is even hinting of becoming politically active. I am glad I am closer to death than I am the beginning of life with the political and social atmospheres being what they are and the direction they are heading. Depressing to say the least.

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