3 thoughts on “Yep, that’ll do it…

  1. Suicide by Iphone; who would have thought?

    As for the 50/60Hz thing; believe it or not, 50Hz AC is less deadly than 60Hz. The U.S. settled on 60Hz when electricity was introduced. It was later determined that the 60Hz frequency was a harmonic of the average human heart rate, which made getting electrocuted that much more dangerous. By then, howeer, the 60Hz infrastructure was in place, and would have been too expensive to change, so things were left as-is. (Most) of the rest of the world learned from our mistake and set its frequency to 50Hz. Sure; it still feels like having your fingers hit with a sledgehammer, but it's not as likely to set your heartbeat off.

  2. I did not know that 60 CPS is more dangerous. I do know when I was electrocuted in Europe (long story) it hurt worse than when I got nailed in North America.

    Neither was fun, but the 50 CPS felt more painful. (along with the 220VAC).


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