Yeah, like that will be different.

“”Trumpcare is here and you are going to hate it,” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT)

So what is gonna be different?

Obamacare has been here for a while, and everyone hates it.

This kinda sucks, but it prolly won’t be any worse.

Until you get folks to be productive, and try, at least, to pay their own way, you can’t have universal healthcare. When fully 30% of the citizens don’t want to work, and would rather gather “free shit” paid for by the rest, any economic model fails.

When you make it economically sound for jobs to go elsewhere, and the government actually promotes those moves, you have folks who can’t pay for their own health insurance cause they have no job…even if they would rather be working.

Unfucking the country by changing Obamacare isn’t gonna be easy or quick. (Which was, I think, a part of the reason Obamacare was implemented the way it was)

One real issue in this is the current belief that poor and perpetually uncemployed people are supposed to get their insurance for free, and the rest of us should pay for it.

2 thoughts on “Yeah, like that will be different.

  1. obamacare was set up to fail so hillary could implement universal .gov provided care…good luck doing anything else.

    as for the 30% not working..that is very close to the minimum threshold of collapse as deemed necessary by Clower-Pivin..

    hang on folks, it's going to get rough.

  2. I thought, when President Trump won the election, that he would be able to put things right. I know he's trying to. But the Shadow State of entrenched bureaucrats and the political machines of both parties, coupled with the press, may be too strong. Maybe those people who say only armed resistance can save the country are actually right, but who will bell the cat?

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