Overheard just before I abandoned a cart full of food and walked out of the store:

“I wish they’d bring back the Self Checkout lines…..They never have enough cashiers and there is always a long wait”

It’s folks like this that keep the DNC alive.

5 thoughts on “Sheep

  1. Can't win for losing… Self checkout only worked about half the time down here…

  2. I friggen hate self checkout. Not only does it make me do the job of taking my money from my pocket, but it also takes the job away from several other people. And in MI, one of the first things the republicans did when Engler got elected was to make it so that they did not have to mark every single item with a price, but only mark the shelf where it was placed. Of course, those are usually wrong or missing. Supposedly there was going to be a penalty for that, but it never happened. And it also cost hundreds or thousands of jobs to a state which could ill afford it.

  3. Pigpen, there is a penalty. It's called the Michigan rebate. For Every item that scans incorrectly, the penalty is 5X the difference up to $10. I have gotten an entire grocery bag of food for $1.00. But first you have to scan everything, pay the requested amount, and then take the receipt to customer service to claim the penalty. If you bring the error to the cashier's attention, he/she will check and enter the correct price, and no penalty is incurred.


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