Question for Liberals:

(I don’t think that I have many readers who are liberals, but maybe some of you have friends who are and could ask them for me….?)

At what point is enough, enough?

How much “Free Shit” is enough?

Free housing….according to Liberals, a “Basic Human Right”
Free education…..also a “Basic Human Right”
Free food…..also a “Basic Human Right”. (although the recipients can get prepared food payed for if they choose….even Fast Food) , not food that requires cooking or preparation).
Free money….Welfare is unrestricted on what it can be spent on in most places( (even casinos and liquor stores), also , apparently, a BHR.
Free cell phones…..again, many liberals consider them a “Basic Human Right”
Free health care now too. again, in the mind of some, a BHR.

Of course, that “Basic Human Right” is only valid if you are “Poor” or live in (newly defined every year) “Poverty”.

All of this is, of course, supposed to “Help those folks out of their situation”.

Yet there are more on the Free Shit wagon every year. We have 5th generation “Welfare Queens” (and Kings too!)…

So the question here, today, is at what point is enough, enough. At what point is enough Free Shit enough??

At what point does it stop?

Free cars? Free Internet? (wait, we have that for a lot of folks already!)

Where, as a Liberal, does it end?

From a conversation elsewhere: “Nobody has a right to passable roads, clean water, books at the libraries, restaurants inspected for sanitation or a basic education.
But we have all of those things, because we have concluded that in a civilized society, we should have those things. So I see no reason why medical care should not be discussed.”

So, as a “civilized Society, at what point does it stop? How much Free Shit is enough?
Why does 53% of the population have to pay for the other 47%? (remember, those folks get all that Free Shit without having to DO anything for it. They aren’t required to take any classes to learn a trade, or (in most places) even be drug tested for that Free Shit. It is, after all their right because they are poor or a minority or an immigrant. 

Don’t forget, “Poor”people somehow always seem to find the cash for Liquor, Smokes, and Drugs (if they choose to partake).

(Now, I have no issue paying for those who are disabled, handicapped, or otherwise unable to support themselves….but those who just keep getting a free ride? Nope)

And remember, this isn’t voluntary for most of us. Taxes are taken from us, ultimately at the point of a gun. We have no choice.
The Liberals who want us to give more don’t first voluntarily give all of their money and goods away and reduce themselves to poverty before expecting others to give their hard earned assets to others. Nope, they live their lifestyles and expect the Government to take that money to pay for Free Shit from others.

So, to my few (if any) liberal readers…..How much is enough? Free education, Free housing, Free food, Free phones, Free spending money, Free health care. No work, no drug tests, no requirements except that you choose not to work….and ask for Free Shit.

If you know a Liberal, show this to them and ask ’em to write a response in the comments.

One thought on “Question for Liberals:

  1. Any time I have asked one of the few liberals at work this question, I pretty much got the "you are a racist" rant. He stumped for Bernie, and when Hidabeast cheated him out of the election, he started supporting her after work. I do believe liberals have a mental illness. I see no other reason for their lack of ability to reason, or communicate in a normal way. He seems to think minimum wage should be a living wage. Normal people realize that these jobs were meant for kids to get a start in society. They could buy a car, take a girl on a date, etcetera. The liberals seem to think a burger flipper should be able to support a family. Sorry, if you flip burgers and have a family to support, you made some severely poor life choices along the way and I see no reason I, and taxpayers in general should be stuck paying your way. Worst part is, the kids see their parents raising them in that environment and see it as the normal way to go, so you get repeating generations of welfare rats. Liberals need to be neutered to prevent their breeding and multiplying. I give to charities, I do not approve of government handouts as you have pointed out, they are not of our choice, it is taken by force and given to those that CHOOSE not to work.

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