Public funding

of Private Enterprises:

I dislike the Federal funding of private enterprises via block grants to states.

I dislike the method of funding Meals on Wheels….which is a really good program.

It gets about 35% of it’s funding via Federal money.

I dislike the same method of funding for Planned Parenthood…..for the same reasons:

These are PRIVATE organizations. The Federal money they get has, effectively, no controls on how it is spent…..

Does Meals on Wheels do good work? Yes.
Does Planned Parenthood? Depends on your view.

Either way, and for the same reasons, I  am glad to see that Trump is trying to cut out this practice.

More is needed. But it is a start.

2 thoughts on “Public funding

  1. Meals on wheels in most places(From what I'm seeing, I'm willing to be further educated on this) only gets about 3% government aid, and already a lot of people have stepped in to fill the gap. They'll be fine. Mostly because of those evil corporations that support them.

  2. Yeah, like I did…I provided a few bucks and a place to stage out of 3 days a week.

    From what I can find, overall, nationwide, it is more like 35%.

    But I can't find good numbers either.

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