Mr. President Trump:

Instead of blaming the Freedom Caucus for the failure of your “replacement bill” (RyanCare) that couldn’t muster enough votes…

Instead of blaming the Democrats for the failure of that stinking turd of a bill….

You might think about a couple of points:

We don’t want ObamaCare, ObamaCare lite, RyanCare, RommenyCare. etc
We don’t want socialized medicine, period.

You have a great advantage here. You have the sort of advantage that the Democrats had in 2010 when they chose to RUSH a bill through the legislature…leaving us with the pile of shit that we call ObamaCare. You are squandering that by offering a bill that is, essentially, the same thing. We didn’t elect you as President and our Senators and Congressemen to give us Democrat Lite, Nor Socialized Medicine 2.0 (the light version), nor any of the shit we have been forced to eat for the past 8 years. You enjoy a great deal of support from the People and the Republican legislators…..But you couldn’t muster enough support to get this stinking pig of a bill to even come up for a vote…..Blame only yourself and the authors of this crappy bit of legislation.

Repeal. Put it forth and you will win. Not a lesser/bad and evil version of today’s law. Repeal. Yes, some folks will be unhappy. Some might even lose their insurance. Yes, you will need to give the insurance companies time to redo their plans. Build that time into the bill.  Go back to the insurance legislation and laws we had in 2008. Move from there if you wish.

But get rid of the stinking turd that is Socialized Medicine.

3 thoughts on “Mr. President Trump:

  1. Indeed; Trump's bill was a Chinese fire drill for Obamacare. It was doomed to fail from the start. Obamacare was a classic case of politicians buying votes from the ignorant/lazy poor with our tax dollars. My take is that this thing will never be repealed, as it continues to buy the votes that these entrenched politicians need to stay in office.

  2. The bill that didn't pass was pretty negative from the aspect of senior citizens. I am not sure why the President backed Ryan's plan, when Ryan is not a supporter and the plan was not a good one. Doesn't detract from my admiration for President Trump, I know he is trying to juggle a lot and everything he does is opposed by leftards, the press, the Democrats, and the Republican machine.

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