‘Member this?

I do.

Odd that we didn’t hear much about this 5 years ago, the Russians cooperating to help change the perceptions of  Barry Obama…(and the President ASKING them to change policies until “After the Election”).

But then again, there is that double standard in reporting and in behavior expected of Democrats vs Republicans.

ETA: And then then is THIS to consider….

7 thoughts on “‘Member this?

  1. Rush L was talking about this on his show yesterday. How the Democrats loved the Russians until President Trump came along, and now they hate the Russians.

  2. Yeah; "they" are going after Trump for something they have no evidence of (and, I believe, didn't happen), while claiming selective amnesia when reminded that the previous Oval Office occupant openly colluded with the Russians, right there in front of the entire world. You point out the audio and video to a Liberal, and they say "That didn't happen" or "That was different."

    …Anything you say, snowflakes… Anything you say…

  3. What was the " open colluding" you speak of Obama doing? I honestly cannot recall the details.


  4. The democrats don't seem to have a problem with the Clintons making big bucks on the uranium pay to play deal either. It's going to be a long eight years with the liberals crying all the way.

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