Looks like we STILL have BarryCare

‘Cause the friggin Republicans can’t do what they promised and REPEAL ObamaCare.

Instead they have given up (for now) on trying to shove more crap RyanCare onto us. C’mon folks…. REPEAL. Just fucking REPEAL…give us what we want, not a shit sandwich with a different kind of mustard.

6 thoughts on “Looks like we STILL have BarryCare

  1. NOW the real meltdown will start… You can't repeal ObamaCare without something to replace it with.

  2. Why not? We didn't have BarryCare 8 years ago, and shit worked pretty well….if you worked or had the scratch to buy health insurance.

    It worked a whole lot better than than it does now, anyway.

  3. This vote pretty much doomed the Republicans minus some major acts of God or CIA or God's own intervention. I feel and wonder if the greater danger is the fact this proves there really is no difference between the parties. The same thing that propelled a totally screwed up candidate as Trump to the White house (perhaps the same with Obama?) has been even -more- ignored by the Retardagains. This act I think more than even Obamacare has told us that it does not matter who is in the House, Senate or whatever. Oh we need this vote to get this to happen or to repeal or whatever. Votes don't matter anymore. The Ballotbox is broken.

  4. Of course the republicans won't repeal it. They want it as badly as the demonrats do. All those repeals they sent to Obomination were a dog and pony show, for they knew that the Kenyan would veto them. But, let a President in who WANTS to repeal it, and they can't do it to save their lives.

  5. Replace with what? Ryancare turned out to be nearly as bad as Obamacare.

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