I don’t want TrumpCare

any more than I want ObamaCare.

I want full repeal.

No federal healthcare requirements. Just like we had in the beginning of 2010…Before Barry Fucked everyone that had employer provided insurance or bought their own insurance.

CBO says we’d be better off with FULL Repeal.

And isn’t that what the Republicans (and TheDonald) promised us they would do once elected? Once the Republicans had control of both houses?

Well, boys and girls, you got it. House, Senate, and the white house.

None of this Mamby-Pamby “incremental” bullshit that Ryan is all for. FULL REPEAL.

Do what you promised. 

2 thoughts on “I don’t want TrumpCare

  1. If these career fucks don't give us a FULL repeal, then I say get rid of their
    worthless RINO asses!!!! Paul ryan for starters, followed by lindsey graham,john mc Cain, and mitch mc Connell…….in that order.

  2. Amen brother. Preach it. Repeal and open up the market across state lines. And Primary out the old guard RINOs next year.

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