Blame the DNC

All you folks suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, and all you weeping sisters crying about Trumps actions taken since his inaguration…… you folks who can talk about nothing else but how terrible Trump is as a person and a President…

Blame the DNC. They are the ones who put Hillary Clinton into the position where folks had to choose the lesser of the two weasels.

Trump may have been the weakest candidate to ever win an election. But he won. He is, like it or not, no matter how much you cry or pout, the legally elected Preident of the United States….he is my president, and no matter ho many times you say otherwise,  he is your president too…. just as Obama was our president..even though about half of us disliked him nearly as much as you disliked Trump.

Why? Because many of the folks who voted for him did so only because the alternative was a vile, slimy, nasty, woman who sold her office (when Secretary of State) and who failed to follow the  laws….and got away with it because she was the DNC presidential candidate. A woman who hated the country and the citizens. Who wanted to set herself up for even greater profits as President. A candidate who couldn’t hide her disdain for a great portion of the productive citizens of the country. One who believed in the State, rather than the Individual. Possibly the most disliked candidate ever.

There are those who point out that she won the popular vote. Yes, but take out the cities and counties where the citizens overwhelmingly depend on Federal goverment largesse, (and have huge illegal poulations) and she lost, overwhelmingly. Or, discount the states with no voter ID and get the same result (draw your own conclusions there…).

Had the DNC (or, for that matter, the RNC) presented any candidates that weren’t repugnant to a great percentage of the (legal) voting population, Trump would not have had a chance.

Few people voted FOR Trump. Many, probably most, voted AGAINST Hillary.

Don’t like your President? Then blame those who gave you shitty choices….but grow up. Stop whining and pissing and moaning like a snippy 13 year old girl.

You have four years to think about it…..