Interesting coincidence:

The Left has begun using the word “Nazi” to describe anyone that they disagree with….it has become their “hate” word in the past few weeks (Seems “Racist” doesn’t work anymore?)

And, oddly, we are shown on the Television and Print media a great spate of incidents where people are drawing, spray painting, and using stickers of…..Swastikas…..Generally where there are a great number of people of Jewish extraction.

Is it just that the Media has “suddenly” decided to show us all these incidents? (or is it a false flag thing?)

Or are the Swastikas and other “Nazi” symbols…..part of the campaign to make “Nazi” the new hate word? The new epithet..?

One wonders. I have come to believe that there are no coincidences when it comes to the Media and attempts to influence public opinion. 

3 thoughts on “Interesting coincidence:

  1. It's negro… It's black… It's Afro… It's "African American…

    Same game, same ballpark, different rules (the rules change as needed to ensure "progressive" momentum…

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