I miss all of the dogs

That I have been blessed to share a portion of my life with. Sometimes I think about getting another dog…But I’m not ready yet.

But some days, I miss some of them more than other days. Lucky, Kaira, Gip, Schmoo. Others too. Even the Poms.

Some days it is terrible. I miss ’em so bad.

I have the cats, but it ain’t the same.

4 thoughts on “I miss all of the dogs

  1. I' m with you. I couldn't live up here without my dogs. I do have my ferrets, and they are good pals, but that doesn't make the dogs any less valuable or important.

  2. Dogs are members of the family. It is gut wrenching when they leave and they leave a big hole. Hope you find a new furry friend in the future. They are truly great to have around.

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