How does one deal with a person who is so totally party loyal they that they simply cannot look at any issue outside of “Political Party” and “What I read on Facebook”. Not stupid, mind you, but really unthinking… Just a sheep following the herd. Parroting the party line because others do it.

Especially when it is a family member.

So far left they couldn’t see the center if it was lit with flares. And they can’t even understand that.

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  1. Generally you can't manage that. Not until they personally see or experience life, or the reality of which you're speaking. Though with those it may be fac to face contact. Showing them what you know. Not asking them to judge and you can't say this is X, y or Z. This is simply the reality. What is the answer from where you come from? Or show how things impact you. Be objective and say well this does not or can positively affect me if I do X, y or z. But if I do nothing or let this happen or even if I follow all these things this is how it will hurt me or impact the ability to take care of me and my family.

    Sadly with a lot of the leftist things the retort will be, well this did not hurt you -that- bad (IE We did not have to pay for it where you did and you objecting makes you a heartless bastard) so therefore its better than you think it is. We don't care other than we feel good about it with out objectivity of actual positive impact.

  2. A shovel and a bag of quick lime? Hard to use that method here though, the soil is hard clay, and full of roots and flint.

  3. I used to try to have conversions with my liberal cousin. I mean, fire breathing, a baby is not a baby until it takes a breath on it's own liberal. I posted something on her FB page. Her son saw it and was mad. He offered to come up and kick my ass. I kindly said he was always welcome to come to my house. But my cousin saw it before I posted it, and deleted the post. She apologized to me the next day for him, saying that he was drunk at the time, showing off to his friends. I told her, no problem, we are fine. But I realized that I have to try and stay away from politics online. I had a high school friend also say something untoward to me, this year, along similar lines. I am truly saddened. I had hoped that the people on the left could learn to discuss things peacefully, in a similar way that most of those on the right have learned to do. Alas, it would seem that it is not so. Like Old NFO says, you might have to let them go, or learn to overlook their shortcomings, and not discuss anything other than the weather.

  4. Luckily I only have FB friends who are that far left. At least openly. I simply ignore their political posts and delete their comments on mine. I've told them more than once, I don't post/comment directly to them and I expect the same courtesy. My timeline, my opinion, period.

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