‘Tis a good thing

That the Right wasn’t inclined to be as poorly behaved 8 years ago as the Leftist protesters are today…

We have guns. Lots of ’em.

Good thing that we are (generally) law abiding.

I find the fact that these folks are doing what they are doing, and that it is accepted that they will do it to be a demonstration of how the Left has brought the level of our civilization down a notch or seven.

Were I in charge, you’d be told ONCE, to leave…then everyone would be arrested….and none to gently.

This is disgraceful, no matter who is president.

But we have seen that the Left is largely composed of childlike people, haven’t we?

ETA: It is always the Left that can’t protest peacefully, isn’t it? Riots and property destruction during a protest has been a Democratic tactic as long as I can remember. Of course, many of those folks were just recently repudiated and tossed out of Washington, weren’t they?