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So the DHS has decided that the voting machines and other voting infrastructure is a “critical infrastructure”….And this means they can take control from the states without being asked. They can set the rules. What voting machines (and what software???) and many other parameters. They can, in effect, change the election outcomes…………..(and let us remember, they use the excuse of a “Russian hack” even though there is NO Evidence that there was any hacking of election related voting machines or software)…the “hack” was to the DNC email servers through John Podesta’s account because the DNC and Mr. Podesta failed to do any basic security measures…..Again, there was NO hacking of election infrastructure. None. Zero.

I find this disturbing on many levels….it is not in the purview of the feds (much less DHS) to interfere in any way with the state operated elections. If a state wants to use a show of hands to decide who is elected, then that is up to the leaders of the state and the citizens who voted for them, not the Federal government. If they want to have the state legislature choose their federal representatives, that is not up to the citizens of the other 49 states, nor the Federal government. It is, really, a States Rights issue. and not in any way the business of the Federal Government.

I sincerely hope that Trump makes this go away. It isn’t, again, a part of the DHS mandate, nor is it any business of anyone not a citizen of the state affected.

Moreso, it can affect greatly our choices as Citizens in the future, Our votes count for little enough as it is, and this takeover can in many ways affect (or even remove) our right to self determination.

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  1. Didn't I read recently of DHS doing some hacking somewhere?

  2. According to everything I have read and heard, the machines are not hooked up to the internet at all. Hence, they are not hackable by internet, which should make it difficult for the Russians to do anything one would think. Now the actual software in the machines is another story, but, the results are supposedly removable media, not something sent over the net. Don't understand how they can justify the accusations they make. I do know they would be laughing the republicans off the stage had the shoes been on the other feet and they started the false blame game about the Russians. I just want the liberals to go away. So tired of the unending BS coming from the left. Twelve more days.

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