So what exactly, did they do?

The News media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) just won’t let go of the story that the “russians” hacked the election.

But wht, exactly, did “they” do?

As far as I can tell, they hacked a private server owned by Hillary Clinton and then (via John Podesta) got into the emails of the DNC  and (supposedly) distributed them to WikiLeaks and others.

So how, exactly did “they” “hack the election”….

….and why is the security failure of a private server in any way the business of the United States Government?

And where, exactly, is the proof? According to some stories, the Feds haven’t actually…you know…..examined any of the servers that were “hacked”…they are, instead, relying on the words and conclusions of a third party firm that was hired by the DNC….

And there is, of course, no forensic information on Hillary’s server, as that was “Wiped” (with a towel?) on the orders of Hillary…so no data there.

Did this information influence the election? Probably…almost certainly. The Soviets have been trying to influence elections as long as I have been alive….since BEFORE the Vietnam war….

But the “russians” (if that is who did it) didn’t”hack” the election. They didn’t in any way change a vote, or change the count of votes nor did they change the outcome of the election as far as the votes cast by voters…..)Sadly that can’t be said of the polling places in Philadelphia, and Cincinnati and especially Chicago and Detroit (and likely many other “Blue” strongholds…)

But really, this “Hacking” story is a lot of light, but no heat. There is no “hack” of the election. Just a hack of a private server…..and the publicized emails and the attitudes of the DNC they presented have NEVER been refuted by the aggrieved parties. All someone did was to show private emails that were embarrassing to Hillary and the DNC.

So I would ask the media….How, exactly, did the “Russians” (if that is who did the “hack”) hack the election?

ETA: Borepatch says it prolly wasn’t just the Russians in the servers

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  1. The 'hacking' took place a LONG time ago… as BP indicated

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