So about half of the folks in DC today will be protesters.

Most of whom cannot articulate the thing for which they are protesting…..
Mostly they appear to be protesting Donald Trump….Because: Reasons.

I’ve always believed that if you cannot articulate the reason for your protest in 2 sentences/10 words or less, then you lack focus for your protest. These folks can’t explain their reasons in 5 minutes.

Women are marching because…..vagina? (many say they are marching in solidarity…..Solidarity for WHAT?
 Gays are marching and protesting because…..????

Others are marching (seemingly) because Trump not Hillary.

Either way, they are really wasting their time.

If they weren’t such and irritant, they’d be a joke.

One thought on “Protesters:

  1. "So about half of the folks in DC today will be protesters."

    You spelled "rioters" wrong.

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