So why is it that any time a white person or white cop shoots, beats, runs over, or in any other way damages a black person, the claim is that that person’s actions, be they premeditated, reaction to a situation, or even accidental, MUST be racially motivated….but when we have an incident where we have VIDEO of black teens are making racially charged remarks while committing a crime against a white person the first statement by the authorities and the press is that “There is no evidence that this was racially motivated” and “There is no reason to believe that race played a part”…

And please note that “There is no connection to Black Lives Matter” in these incidences….but thre is always a link to white hate groups when the races are reversed….which is why we MUSTget rid og every Confederate memorial and the Confederate flag.

The double standard is……strong.

And it is beginning to irritate me. Strongly.

At least the kids were FINALLY charged with more than just kidnapping.

(please note that all other links denying the connection to race have been scrubbed, apparently, from the internet. Odd, that. )

ETA: They are, apparently, just poorly raised