A thought:

Here is something that most liberals (and a fair number of conservatives, too) need to keep in mind…especially those who suffered from Bush Derangement Syndrome…and now suffer from Trump Derangement….

(And for those who suffered from Barry Derangement as well)

Here’s the thing:

Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean that they are the Spawn of Satan. They may not be anyone you’d share a drink with, and their policies and attitudes may not be anywhere close to what you’d find acceptable.
This does not mean that they are terrible people. Just because you’d like to believe that they would gleefully laugh as they stuffed children and puppies into a sausage grinder, laughing at the screams of terror and pain as they were consumed doesn’t make it true. No matter how hard you wish for such things about the “other guy” no matter what sort of stories you hear…..vet your sources and do a reality check first. Think before you post garbage……Check before you begin to believe. Take a deep breath and run it through your own reality meter….does it pass the smell check? Does it even begin to sound real? Is there any doubt in your mind? Do a reality check. Do a check on your own rationality…..

Cause some of you are starting to sound like the dude on the street corner telling everyone about his visions of the end of the world….you know, the ones that make you wish you’d crossed the street to avoid? The wide eyed crazy-expressioned dude with the nutso eyes that can’t stop talking about the vegetarian lizard aliens who are secretly taking over to make a one world government and all that?

Yeah, that’s what you are starting to sound like.

Get a grip. Check with your own sense of reality and think: Are there facts?? (If so, check’em…) Or izzit just some dude posting on Facebook or a Blog and it fits with what you’d LIKE to think about the guy….?

One thought on “A thought:

  1. Too many people are forgetting Diax's Rake: "Never believe a thing simply because you want it to be true"

    We saw this to a smaller degree on our side with Pizzagate. Too many people were approaching it without the healthy skepticism needed for hard to believe stories (doesn't mean it's false, just that in-depth verification is needed. Outright dismissal is another trap to fall into).

    The media and leftists wanted it to be true, and they've deluded themselves too far so that they still believe it even when presented evidence that it's completely fake. We need to use that delusion to redpill others while avoiding that trap ourselves.

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