One wonders

How much did the DNC pay Jill Stein to whore herself out regarding the election recounts?

And what leverage did they have on the judge that just ordered a HAND RECOUNT of the votes in Wisconsin?

(Seems to me that whoever wants the recount should pay for the expenses incurred in the recount, not the taxpayers)

And what, exactly, is the end game here?

Hillary isn’t gonna win any more electoral votes.  Trump is still gonna be president. Jill Stein isn’t ever gonna be anything more than a footnote in the history books.

The only folks this stunt impresses are the ones that will ALWAYS vote for the DNC candidate…..

5 thoughts on “One wonders

  1. Interestingly, when the PA state judge required a $1M bond, they dropped the suit… So where IS that $8M going???

  2. No, but if she can get them disqualified by not meeting the deadline, she might be able to steal the win from Trump, even if she doesn't get in herself. She is that vindictive and vengeful.

  3. I think it's just more of the effort to convince the Dims and associated Leftards that they were "cheated." It's so much easier to feel "cheated" than repudiated.

  4. ah, the game is afoot…see if she can drag this out til the electoral college meets, neither trump nor the one whose name i shall never speak again will have 270 votes. it then goes to the house of reps. then the dims can say we stole it for the next four years and keep us deeply divided.

  5. These asshats haven't seen any rioting. Let them deny Trump the presidency and the lid will blow the fucking off in this country.
    There will be blood in the streets and I shit you not.

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