Innit interesting?

Isn’t it interesting how the DNC and their sycophants are realizing how much of a mistake all of their twisting of our ways of government……..rules in the House and Senate changed to make it easier to pass “difficult” legislation, removal of oversight committees, etc. Of course, they have to face the fact that those rule changes and removal of committees and such that made it easier for the Democrats to twist the rule or just plain railroad everyone else to get what they wanted…..

Now, of course, that there is a Republican soon to be in the big seat….and not only a Republican, but Donald Trump at that….

Plus of course, a majority of folks with an R after their name in both the House and the Senate…

They are finding out something that a LOT of liberals never seem to learn until late in life, if at all:

Rules are there (generally), for a reason….they have been put in to place to protect someone, or to prevent something from happening….they aren’t arbitrary (usually) and they have a reason that they exist …….

And those rules that prevent you from running roughshod over the other guy?  The ones that you changed so you could do whatever you wanted? Yeah, now they won’t keep him from sticking it in your ass this time.