Good question:

A person who is smarter than me pointed out a good question:

Why would the Russian hackers leave footprints that pointed to them? If they are as good as the intelligence services claim they are, one can be sure that they could have hidden their tracks well enough that there would be no proof that they were, in fact, the hackers. 

I call bullshit on the whole ‘The russians did it” story. It fits the meme  (and need to blame someone else) of the DNC and other sore losers. Further, it doesn’t fit the reality that not only did Trump win against predictions, but the fact that Republican candidates won against predictions in many state and local contests as well. I cannot believe that the Russians were involved in all those unexpected wins across the country as well.

2 thoughts on “Good question:

  1. Let's see; the Russians somehow hacked into every voting machine in every district in every state… including those who use only paper ballots… to throw the election Trump's way… Uhhh… NO.

    Oh; there were those nasty Wikileaks e-mails. Go ahead; blame those hacks on the Russians; blame them on the moon, for that matter. Whoever hacked the e-mail accounts didn't do the things the e-mails exposed; the DNC did those things!

    …Talk about a bullshit boomerang!

  2. There was some code that was supposedly 'Russian', but interestingly the FBI said they couldn't determine the actual hackers…

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