And in yet another twist…..

Because, of course, it Just Can’t Be that half of America rejected Hillary…..

Here is something to make you think:

“Anonymous allegations that Russian government hackers interfered with the US elections are “evidence-free,” several retired intelligence professionals argued in an open letter. Any hack would have been noticed by the NSA, which has stayed silent, they say. Last Friday, the New York Times and the Washington Post cited anonymous sources claiming the CIA believed Russia was behind hackers who exposed emails and documents from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta, with the intent of aiding the campaign of Donald Trump. Several Democratic senators have called for a special investigation into the allegations, while Trump dismissed it as a “conspiracy theory.”

“Reading our short memo could save the Senate from endemic partisanship, expense and unnecessary delay,” wrote the former CIA and NSA spies, part of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), adding that “harder evidence of a technical nature points to an inside leak, not hacking– by Russians or anyone else.”

So people who know don’t think

And yet. despite the complaints about “Fake News” (which has been perpetrated by the left ever since the GWB memo(Remember “fake but accurate?)) the meme persists that the “russians” hacked the election….and the left BELIEVES it.

The media is pushing the “Hack the election” meme by filling the airwaves with stories about hacking areas like the military and such (even going back to 2008!) for stories to demonstrate how the “Russians” have been going through our mail (and manipulating public opinion) with impunity…
And they have been influencing our public opinion for nearly as long as I have been alive….certainly since the Vietnam era.