I am all for these folks who wish to protest Donald Trump’s win.

I support their right to do so 100%. If pushed, I’d be willing to fight to protect their right to protest, even against my fellow conservatives.

Having said that, I gotta ask:

What, exactly. do they they think they are gonna accomplish?

Trump is president elect. Hillary isn’t. All legal like. Crying won’t change that. Nor will pouting.
(Conservatives knew and realized how futile protesting would be 8 and 4 years ago (even though there were significant irregularities) ….we were just as disappointed, but we knew protesting, crying, and whining was, in fact, futile…..so we (mostly) didn’t)

Do they think they will change the outcome of the elections if enough protesters show up? That enough Hillary supporters getting together can suddenly elevate their chosen candidate to the office of POTUS?

Or are they just having a childlike tantrum? Showing how immature the supporters of the Left really are? How shallow, childlike and how disconnected from reality they are?

One thought on “Y’know

  1. While I too, support their right to protest, I have a major problem with them burning and vandalizing as they go. With them piling on trump supporters and beating them up and robbing them with the justification of they are afraid. The left is delusional. A sickness. Peaceful protests, fine, but what we are seeing is outright rioting, which is not. The police should be allowed to shut down the riots by whatever means necessary. If anybody arrested is from out of the area (professional protesters), they should be prosecuted for inciting the riot. Anybody that is on any form of government assistance that is involved in rioting should permanently lose their government assistance. There is a huge difference between protesting and rioting. This is rioting.

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