Will he resign?

I’m talking about Reinhold Richard “Reince” Priebus of course….I mean, his advice for the prior two elections, as well as this one, has been to fins a cetrist candidate in order to appeal to as many voters as possible…

Which gave us DNC-Lite candidates like McCain and Romney.

His party apparatus this time around supported Jeb Bush and, when he went down, Marco Rubio….Also DNC-Lite candidates.

They were soundly rejected by the members of the Republican Party in the Primaries. The voters chose Trump. The RNC opposed him every step of the way. Wouldn’t surprise me if the RNC was part of the nasty stories being circulated about the Donald….


If Priebus and his ilk don’t resign, then the RNC should fire him. He has, again, been proven wrong.

The people want a choice, and, given a chance, they will vote for a conservative (for whatever definition of conservative you wish to use.) Trump may not be my kind of conservative, but he WAS the most conservative candidate.

And he fucking WON. Tore the Establishment up.