We oughta let ’em…

After Donald Trump victory, Oregonians submit ballot proposal to secede from the union

We should encourage most of the rest of southern Kalifonia to do the same….and most of western Washington state.

It actually should be a county by county referendum. And we should make those states that want to secede build and maintain a border fence.

Of course,  that would mean there would be no Federal support of the leftist enclaves….I doubt that they would survive over time. Too bad…They’d fall into anarchy before Trump is out of office.

The USA would be better off without these folks.

7 thoughts on “We oughta let ’em…

  1. Mostly I think you're an asshole, but your comment today was right on target.

  2. I do believe you left out Chicago, not Illinois, just Chicago. Illinois would be a much better state with that cancerous growth removed. I believe the Obama library is going there as well, so that would be another benefit 🙂

  3. Thank you, Moe. I will take both parts of that comment as a compliment…..

  4. Let California go. The Mexican army will invade within months and since citizens cannot have guns there will be no one to stop it.

  5. Oh, and to all of you smart urban coastal democrats who want to rid the nation of us ignorant hateful red staters,, think about where your food comes from. I don't think that "sustainable" rooftop garden is going to feed very many for very long.

  6. 56 county's in Oregon 6 voted for Clinton 50 voted for Trump. It is the I 5 corridor, Eugene Springfield Portland that tilt the vote. Portland has always controlled the state. Every thing East of the Cascade range is conservative. Portland is a sanctuary city. Born and raised in eastern Oregon from a pioneer family. The liberals ran me out in 1964. Live in Alaska now.

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