So yer afraid:

Yeah, you. The Muslim person….The Hispanic ….The Black dude (or woman).

You claim (or the Media claims, anyway) that you are afraid (of something) because Trump was elected as our next president.

You (or the media claims) are afraid of racism. Because (or so the Media claims) Trump was elected by racist white people.

Well, first of all, It is White people who are the majority in this country. Had we elected Hillary Clinton (A white woman) there would still have been a majority of white people voting to elect her. Where, exactly, is the racism?

Second, if we were all so racist, we’d not put up with your antics.

Muslim threats muslim attacks…self radicalized, etc…..Muslim attempts to change our society to suit your religious and cultural lifestyle would have long since engendered violence. But somehow, it hasn’t. We ARE growing tired of it, but we aren’t doing anything, and haven’t.

Hispanics…..The press tells us that you claim you are afraid….of what, exactly, they don’t tell us….But afraid, nonetheless….. Here is the thing….if we, as the majority of the people in this country…yes, us whites,…If we were inclined to do violence, or to somehow oppress you, we could easily have done so in the recent past….but we haven’t. We have put up with your support of people that are illegal immigrants over those who are legal and welcomed immigrants. (You support race over country, which I personally find offensive) yet we haven’t terrorized you or harmed you, or done anything to you.

And you black people. We haven’t done anything to you. We could, but we don’t, because we are (generally) decent people. W e haven’t killed or lynched anyone, not even those “Black Lives Matter” folks that threaten us and insult us and riot and break things and stop traffic and such. Who state on video that they want to kill or harm White people. Who is the racist there?

See, all of you. your forget one thing. We are decent law abiding citizens. We obey the law. We don’t kill people, we don’t lynch people, we don’t do any of the things the press implies (but doesn’t say) you are afraid of.

We could….But we don’t. Never forget, we are the majority, and many of us are armed….And know how to say “hello” from hundreds of yards away. We also own pistols for close work, and we practice….We don’t spray bullets from a car in drive by shootings and hit innocents. We hit where we aim. I figure about 3 weeks, realistically.

But if we haven’t done anything by now, then you can rest assured that until you up your game and piss us off a great deal more, you are probably safe. Unlike you, we see that there are lots of folks  who aren’t looking for trouble. Oddly enough, we can see past the filter of race and culture and can see the individual. You are the ones grouping by race, not us.

But rest assured, if we should decide to do so, we could choose to finish the job the press claims we want to do. Since we are decent people, we won’t.

2 thoughts on “So yer afraid:

  1. Hopefully, once the racist in chief is out January 20th, we can get some of it under control again. Obama, in his infinite wisdom, told the rioters to continue. What a POS. He has singlehandedly divided this country, along with his ally the media, and made racism quite rampant. It may take quite some time to get it back to civility, but hopefully we are on the right track. Trump has his work cut out for him.

  2. Well said, and we haven't… Yet… But keep pushing and the 'reaction' may be more than these groups are ready for.

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