Prolly never held one is his hands….

So some whiny liberal CEO from San Diego (That is in Kalifornia, if you voted for Hillary) has threatened to get “a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts”, also “Find a bedroom in the whitehouse [sic] that suits you motherf—er. I’ll find you”.

“I’m going to kill the president Elect,” was one of the posts on Harrigan’s Twitter account. It was followed by the comment, “Bring it secret service.”
Now, I will bet good American dollars (lots of ’em, in fact) that Mr. Harrigan has never held a rifle in his hands….has no idea of the limitations of what a rifle can do….and has no idea how difficult or how much training it takes to make a long distance shot against a human sized target. While I have never actually looked closely, my bet would be that the SS has every approach and angle for at least a thousand yards around the WH covered. I’m not a sniper, but I CAN do about 80% at 800 yards, and I doubt that the Secret Service has left anywhere for me to take a shot. And I practise, and I keep my skillset honed. (Plus, I am led to believe, the windows of the White House are fairly bullet resistant).

For those of you on the Left: It isn’t just like you see on the TV. It takes a LOT of training to take a long distance shot. Ranging, ballistics, just learning to hold an effective hold so you don’t munge up the shot with shaking, or your breathing, or you heartbeat or muscle quivers. Reality is that you can’t just pick up a rifle for $600 and hit someone a half mile away with the first shot out of that rifle. Yer gonna spend a large chunk of scratch to get a rifle capable of that kind of accuracy. (I have one that was built by a man, who sold it to me for much less than what it was worth because he had parkinsons….But it will do the job….if I can do mine). You need a LOT of training and physical conditioning to be able to shoot a rifle that is capable of that kind of shot….YOU have to be capable too. Few people are…. I get a little worse every year. Sniping is for the young, really.

So it is entirely possible that Mr. Harrigan was just spouting off….He lives in Kalifornia, remember. Not so sure he could purchase a “sniper rifle” even if he wanted to……

I hope the Secret Service makes his life hell. He is looking at up to 5 years and as much as a $10K fine.

Why are so many leftists so childish?

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  1. Another bit of the old double standard. I remember Ted Nugent being questioned for similar statements about Obama. Not sure why the liberals are allowed to spout off with their hateful threats with no repercussions.

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