Nothing yet?

So, with 650 thousand emails, the Feds haven’t yet found even ONE incriminating item?

Was it all just a bunch of Hoopla?

Or is Comey or Lynch holding ’em back until after the election?

One wonders.

2 thoughts on “Nothing yet?

  1. If they hold out until after the election, it is a win win for them. Obama pardons her on the way out, Comey and Lynch get credited for "trying their best" and the liberals get what they want, four more years of liberal government, if you can call it that. I am doubtful, but hopeful for a Trump win. If he wins, unlike if any other republican won, I believe he will seek to indict her instead of just enjoying having won and moving on. At that point, all her political influence will vaporize as she would have no power at all, and I believe we would see her wearing an orange jump suit. I am sure with our liberal media, Trump is already toast, but I will try to hold on to a thread of hope through Wednesday morning when we will know.

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