“you loot, we shoot”

Yeah, it happened for real near Daytona Beach.

Organized by Black Lives Matter, it resulted in 31 (Yep, Thirty One People) dead and others wounded. (I have no idea as to the races of those shot, nor what race the looters were, nor the shopkeepers…I can suspect, but I have no reports)

Hope that there was something worth dying over in those stores…either worth dying to steal, or dying to defend.

‘Twasn’t white folks who organized this attempt at organized looting. No one is saying the race of the looters……draw your own conclusions (bet they aren’t as pale as me).

I wonder what kind of hay the race baiters are gonna try to make out of this?

1 thought on ““you loot, we shoot”

  1. This story is from a fake news site.
    This did not happen.

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