Sometimes I have hope

That Black and White and Latino and Asian and Middle Eastern people can peacefully coexist…

As Brigid told the Story…..We went to the local Swap -O-Rama in Alsip, Illinois.

There, people, on the surface at least, look past color and race and ethnicity and language…

They speak Cash, see Green, and really only care about making a sale or a deal.  No one looks for trouble, and there is none…any that starts is soon squelched. Commerce is king.

I sincerely doubt that many of those folks selling at the Swap O Rama would care to have me live in their neighborhood…(To be fair, some might, some would definitely not, and most are somewhere in between), and I might not care to have all of them move into my neighborhood…..Which is fine…..if we can meet, and interact, and deal in peace and with mutual respect and consideration, then we can coexist.

If people, no matter what their color, race, or ethnicity, will choose to be civilized, and pay attention to the rules of civility and society, then our society will have a chance.

If they won’t, then we can’t coexist. Period.

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