“It doesn’t happen in locker rooms”


These Politically Correct wimps athletes are lying.

Or they are so pussy whipped that they just can’t admit it. Either way, I doubt that anyone really believes the meme that the press is pushing.

Apparently I hang out with more manly men than these professional athletes.

We, at least, admit it.

Women are worse when they think they are alone, sometimes, actually.

ETA: If there is a man out there who claims he has NEVER said anything like that, I will call him a liar.

One thought on ““It doesn’t happen in locker rooms”

  1. Remember in Crocodile Dundee when Dundee was told that a womanly dressed person was actually a guy? People laughed at that, and then he did it again to a woman he wasn't sure about. Everyone laughed again. Remember Steve Martin? "O come on! I was talking about her cat!" and then he made an even cruder joke about bestiality. Everbody laughed and laughed. I don't see anybody burning their Steve Martin records. That was nearly forty years ago, and they were brilliant, celebrated entertainers to the media.

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