I hope it works this time

So there is apparently going to be another boycott of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

This time, for backing Black Lives Matter.

I dunno. it is because of their support of liberal social change groups that I choose not to buy their products. Other people choose to buy ’em, and that is ok too.

I’ve never seen a boycott work, at least not in the long term. People have short attention spans.

2 thoughts on “I hope it works this time

  1. I've never bought them because they're overpriced, and the local brands are just as good if not better.

  2. You will have to boycott Unilever, a giant multi-national, that owns B&J. Good luck! I don't buy them for many reasons, but you and I will need a lot of company to have any impact. Good for the soul, though.

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