Are women really that gullible, that the DNC thinks that it can sway their votes with the accusations they have “trumped up” about Trump?

Are they really that stupid, that they would think that some woman sat on the fact that she was essentially assaulted by a Millionaires, during the 90’s, when all a woman had to do was cry to get a settlement, would say nothing for 20+ years…until weeks before a presidential election in which the Millionaire was a candidate….and that there is no collusion when in the same week 8 or more accusations are made?

Or are most women so emotionally distraught and damaged by their experiences with predatory men that they are unable to think with logic and can only react emotionally…..

One wonders. Apparently the DNC thinks they are that stupid and gullible…even those who I might have called intelligent…even if they were misguided liberals.

I find it hard to believe that any woman with an IQ high enough to let them drive and work in any job beyond a McDonald cashier level can believe the accusations against Trump this late in the game….or that the accusations were anything but planned and orchestrated.

Strangely, most of the women I know are smarter than that….whether they like Trump or not.

2 thoughts on “Gullibility

  1. I think it would be easier to refute if we were dealing with someone who hasn't spent the last thirty years thoroughly clear-cutting and burning his own ethos where sex is concerned.

    Do I think all of these accusers are genuine no, do I think there might just be a bit of fire to all the smoke given all the bragging and three decades of tabloid fodder, yep.

    Of course those who pointed this out during the primary were shouted down. This isn't some dark conspiratorial stab in the back, Trump's past was what let him hijack the first primary debate by acting indignant when it was brought up in a very mild way.

  2. Sigh… One more 'action' by the DNC, who knows know bounds…

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