Discrimination by Color and Race

Can you imagine if some White Fraternity chose to discriminate based on race?

“No Blacks Allowed”. Can you hear the screams? The cries of” Racisss” The complaints that this is discrimination?

Yet Columbia University is helping Black Students hold a Black Only (No Whites Allowed) “Leadership Retreat”. 

Now, I despise the double standard. But more importantly, the University, while a private institution, takes Federal and state money in the form of grants and scholorships…Which means that they cannot and should not help discriminate.

Enough is enough. Discrimination is bad. I agree. But why is it only bad when White people do it? Whites have reason not to want Blacks around. Valid reasons. So, I would assume, do Blacks have reasons not to want Whites around. Valid ones…

But if we, as whites, can’t discriminate or exclude based on color or race, then neither can they.

Enough of this shit. Allowing discrimination isn’t gonna right any wrongs, perceived or otherwise, that may or may not have occurred in the past. It is only gonna make more of it happen.