’tis odd:

See, many years ago, there was this thing they did called “Lynching” wherein a man (apparently often black) was accused of a crime and then, without a trial, often on sketchy evidence, was hanged…often after being beaten by a crowd.

Black people still see a noose as a sign of lynching, and often want nooses removed from Halloween display and such (even though they want free speech and such).

Yet, what do they do when a black man is shot….especially by a policeman (no matter what HIS race)…..

Yep, they jump to conclusions….they assume the man shot was innocent, and that the officers had no reason to shoot. Further, they rely on statements posted on social media, with absolutely no verification that the statements are true…Since it is a cop that did the shooting, it must be racial….it must be unjustified…..and they don’t wait for the evidence to show what happened, but jump to a conclusion…. Truly, a lynching…only the violence happens later that night….Which often leads to a riot….. “Civil Disobedience”…often becomes an excuse to loot. (and they wonder why no one wants to invest or start businesses in their neighborhoods?)

What I find odd is that it is always black crowds that exhibit such behavior….not whites, not asians nor orientals….no latins, nor any other racial group.  Why is that? And why do the police and the city leadership allow it to happen?

Yes, I know, pointing this out makes me a “Raciss”. Don’t care. Not anymore.

You can’t blame it on Poverty either….Lots more white folks live below the poverty line, yet they don’t riot….(and they generally obey the police and don’t do anything stupid when caught or stopped, and therefore don’t get shot as often either…)

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  1. "Racist;" just another term Liberals have "redefined."

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