If flying the American flag here is the US is too provocative to students of islamic or (especially) mexican/latin origin…..the fuck you. Go back the the country to which you claim allegiance.

You are here, in the US. Our flag is the symbol of the US…not Mexico. If you don’t like that symbol, you are welcome to leave.

And for those who would apologize for the flying of the US flag IN THE US? You can leave too. If you are ashamed of the Flag and what it stands for, you probably would want to leave. If a school administrator feels that he can ban the flag because it might hurt the feelings of the mostly hispanic opponent of his school, then perhaps his fitness for his position should be investigated. (Possibly his fitness for any job that pays more than minimum wage, in fact).  What kind of example does he think he is setting for his students?…His US Citizen students, that is….

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  1. I agree with thousands of others that are fed up with these communist fucks. Get rid of his ass and hang a tag around his neck to keep him from running for office, because that usually is their next step. These kind of assholes like doing "nothing" while getting paid for it.

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